World Makers sought. No previous experience required.

What it does

Storienteer is a powerful way to create and share mixed reality content. We want to see the world layered with adventure and magic, and we’re providing a platform where you can do just that.

Augmented reality

Place virtual objects in the real world, on any recent smartphone. No goggles needed.


Use geolocation and other map-based data, like terrain type and proximity.

3D models

Embed animated 3D models as virtual characters and props that players can interact with.

Connected devices

Connect with beacons, web services, and IoT devices to blur the bounds of reality.

Storienteer gives you the power to create mixed reality content for the iOS and Android devices that people already have in their hands.

How it works

Designed from the ground up for mobile augmented reality. Explore, create and share, all on your phone.


Search for nearby portals to enter dimensions created by others


Create your own mixed reality dimensions, and instantly play test


Publish your dimensions for others to see, with optional password protection

Storienteer is free to use for non-commercial projects. Contact us if you want to create your own commercial mixed reality app.

Who it’s for

It’s still early days for mixed reality. Time for creative pioneers to experiment and explore the boundaries of what is possible. Let’s invent the future together!

Artists and makers

We're giving you the tools to create something new, strange, and wonderful in a largely unexplored medium.

Game designers

Prototype and build original AR and location-based games without writing code.

Web developers

You don't have to write code – but you can, using Javascript to build cross platform apps for iOS and Android.

Businesses and venues

Delight & surprise your visitors with playful mixed reality experiences built using Storienteer.


Mix and match our growing range of plugins to create your own unique dimension, without any coding.


Attach scenes to predefined locations in the real world


Customise the appearance and behaviour of player maps


Add lights of various kinds to your scenes


Allow players to collect virtual objects from your dimension


Allow virtual props like boxes to contain other objects


Make containers lockable, and define keys to open them


Communicate with your players using alerts and full screen messages


Script branching dialogue and behaviour for your virtual characters


Use tagging to manage more complex story telling


Add sound clips or music to your scenes and entities


Detect when the player has approached a virtual scene or object

Device motion

Use motions like tilt and shake to trigger actions


Animate virtual objects along paths


Trigger events based on elapsed time or the time of day

Google Poly

Drop 3D models from Google’s Poly library into your dimensions

Don’t have what you need? Talk to us: we’re rolling out new plugins all the time, and would love to hear your ideas.

Developer friendly

With Storienteer, you don’t have to write code — but you can.

Javascript & WebGL

Develop for AR using the world’s favourite language. Build for Apple ARKit and Google ARCore without learning Swift, Objective C, or other native languages.

Positional tracking

Your scenes are automatically enhanced with positional tracking when it’s available, so you don’t have to bother with managing point clouds and plane detection.


We supply a starter kit of models, components, and game mechanics. Plus you can develop your own custom plugins using A-Frame.

News & meet ups

Come and share your experiences of exploring new realities at one of our irregular meetups. Follow us for invites and other updates.